For more reviews of the Whidbey Island Writer's Refuge (WIWR), see airbnb.

“The WIWR is a phenomenal opportunity to get away and focus completely on a writing project. I got a month and a half’s worth of work done in the six days I was there. It is a perfect mix of solitude coupled with walking trails and isolated country lanes to clear your head. I absolutely loved the WIWR, and I recommend it unreservedly to anyone wishing to get some work done.”

David B., Seattle

“If I could, I would live here half the year–the cabin is very clean, orderly, and surprisingly roomy. Whether cloudy or sunny, the rain, birds, breezes, and verdant green offer a relaxing, contemplative, singular environment perfect for focusing one’s creative/writing energies. Nearby Bayview provides a charming break that requires a minimal amount of time while giving the writer exposure to the local art scene and a terrific Saturday morning farmer’s market, as well as shops for stocking your kitchenette’s larder. The hostess is just the right blend of there if you need her, but totally gives you the space and distance you are here for.”

Tamlyn T., Seattle

“The Writer’s Refuge provided a perfect week of writing time. The cabin was cozy, the setting was beautiful, and the island offered some nice walks and restaurants for those little breaks we all need. I’ll definitely be back!”

Cheri B., Woodinville

“The Whidbey Island Writer’s Refuge is exactly what it advertises itself to be—a comfortable, well-equipped cabin, free of distractions from the outside world. If it sounds too good to be true, rest assured everything is just as promised. It’s perfect for a writer who needs to get away and clear a creative space in their head, or for someone with a project they need to finish undisturbed.”

Blythe S., Seattle

“I never expected to be able to return to the “Hedgebrook” experience, but short of having someone delivering my lunches (and I understand even that is available), this was it. Lovely, peaceful, and just the quiet adventure I needed.”

Victoria E., Shoreline

“I found everything I needed at the Writer’s Refuge to make fabulous headway on my work. I literally did feel as if my every need had been anticipated and met. I will come again when I need space and time for my work.

“I work well in cycles of solitude and discourse with others. When I got to the point of needing community, Petra (a life coach) provided a coaching session that got me back on track.”

Diane K., Seattle

“I stayed at the Writer’s Refuge on two separate occasions and found both of my visits enjoyable and productive. On the whole, it provides a nice combination of nature, comfort and charm, while keeping the focus where it should be: on productive writing.

“I found the location–in a small forest about a mile from any stores or major roads–to be remote and quiet enough to provide a sense of solitude without making the average city-slicker feel isolated or vulnerable to being eaten by imagined bears or monsters. Likewise, the cabin is simple and small enough to be affordable and non-distracting; yet features enough amenities and even a few small luxuries (e.g. a very comfortable bed; good lighting; stylish and super clean interior) to allow one to focus on writing rather than basic survival.

“Finally, I found Petra and Adrian to be great hosts. They were friendly and helpful without being intrusive. In terms of service, it’s sort of like a Bed & Breakfast minus the inquisition and relentless boosterism. You’ll never feel obliged to buy a ceramic Hummel; nor will you be required to sample the latest baked confection and pretend to like it. None of that. They pretty much leave you to your writing, but are happy to help should you ask for anything.

“That said: you may want to ask about the hens–they make damned good eggs.”

Eric L., Seattle

“The Writer’s Refuge is a dream come true. The cabin is beautiful (but there’s not much room to dance). Alone, in the middle of the woods, it’s pure joy to tap into your creativity and let it loose on the page. No more excuses. It’s time to write!”

Jeff L., Seattle

“The place was beautifully designed, in such a great setting. I loved it! It was great getting away from many distractions to really have open time to think and work. It was so comfortable and cozy, but also well set up with surfaces to work on, reading chair, etc. I did more reading and research then writing, but the quiet was great for that, too. It was really a haven.”

Misha B., Seattle

“This was a perfect way to launch my writing “career” even at age 65! My stay gave me a pattern, a rhythm to spending time on my writing that I will take with me and try to stay true to.

“The cabin is very comfortable and the surroundings very quiet. I enjoyed hearing the occasional farm animals and really enjoyed my daily visits with Emma, the caretaker of the farm animals.

“I recommend the Whidbey Island Writer’s Refuge highly and will come back again.”

John S., Langley

“I found the cottage to be very cozy and warm, and I liked the layout and the simplicity of the decorations. It was a welcoming abode, nestled among trees, and I appreciated being so close to Nature in that way. One outcome of the experience that surprised me was how comfortable I was living in a 15’x15’ cottage for several weeks. Again, the simplicity of the environment allows you to focus on what you are about without distractions. Petra and Adrian are wonderful hosts, available if needed and never the least bit intrusive. I plan on coming back and I am spreading the word about how wonderful it is to my friends.”

Alice D., Warrenville, Illinois

“When I think of the view from the desk window of the ravine, with barren winter trees reaching up to the sky as the first light of morning made its appearance in the eastern sky, I am filled with peace — and wishing to be back there.  Thank you for provisioning your cabin-dwellers, body, soul and spirit, for our writing tasks!”

Jackie L., Lynnwood

“[The Writer’s Refuge was] everything I was hoping it would be. Compact, modern, quiet, with access to the internet. Perfect for writing and research.”

Darin R., Tumwater

“The Writer’s Refuge is a delightfully useful option if you have a project where focus and dedication are needed. It is very quiet and the owner is committed to your project’s success as much as—or more than—you are. I enjoyed the surrounding farm and woodland atmosphere and even had the pleasure of spendingtwo evenings with a friendly deer foraging just outside the cabin window.”

Chris P., Tacoma

“All writers should take off a week at least once a year to tend to their creative lives. The WIWR is perfectly arranged to make this a possibility: it’s comfortable, solitary, embraced by nature, well-appointed, and it has a good “vibe” to it. Affordable, too. I’ll come back!”

-Tamara S., Bainbridge Island

“The cabin is neat and tidy, everything at hand and well crafted, which gave me a sense of self-sufficiency.  Both the view (nothing but trees from the desk window), and the silence (I heard little more than an occasional dog and raindrops), greatly aided my concentration.  This is an ideal place to think and work.”

Craig E., Seattle

“I never realized that one of the things that inspires me to keep writing is to feel like a serious writer. From the minute you book your stay until you leave reluctantly, you are treated with respect and the assumption that you will be productive in your time here. Everything is set up for one person—you do not have to accommodate anyone else, the kitchen is only for you, there is only one chair, one desk, etc. There aren’t just pencils provided, they are sharpened. You don’t just have internet connection, it’s wireless and easy to connect to. In other words, you matter, you’re important, and the solitude you need is supported. I can’t guarantee that everyone will have a breakthrough in their writing as I did, but it sure helps to have a steady message day in and day out that nothing else matters more than your work, your real work. I am very grateful for this refuge and will return—possibly tomorrow.”

Caitlin S., Seattle

“The Foxglove cabin is thoughtfully appointed and distraction-free. I got an enormous amount done during my time there! If you have a car, nearby Langley is great for cafes and bookshops. And the island abounds with great walks to stretch your legs and clear your head.”

Ellen M., Beaverton, Oregon

“Just got tons of work done at the Writer’s Refuge. I highly recommend it as a place of solitude where you can focus solely on getting your story on the page. One of the most productive experiences in my life!”

Luanne B., Lake Forest Park